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The Camp Leadership Training Initiative

“[...]The Outdoor Council of Canada provided the structure and practices we needed to train staff and take [others] into the outdoors safely. It was easy to understand and also helpful, even for our more experienced outdoor leaders.”

-John, Environmental Educator

What is the CLTP?

Throughout Canada, camp counselors facilitate meaningful experiences for campers. The Camp Leadership Training Initiative is our way of helping counselors across the country to become effective outdoor leaders. In their role as front line workers, counselors play an important role in helping campers develop a connection and an appreciation for the natural world.

 The goal of this initiative is to offer our nationally recognized Field Leader Program at the lowest possible price. This is done in two ways.

1.   Camp employees will be offered a 50% discount when registering for our instructor course*. Once an instructor, they will be able to build capacity within their own organization by offering outdoor leadership training to camp counselors.

 2.  Any counselor trained by such instructor will receive a certification and a 1-year OCC membership free of charge

 To be eligible for those fees, the camp must complete and submit the online ‘Camp Application’ form. Once the camp has been accepted into the initiative, sponsored individuals must complete the 'Individual Application'.

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*Please note that extensive outdoor leadership and program management experience is necessary to register for the OCC instructor course.

Before you apply be aware that:

  • Counselors partaking in the Field Leader program must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Any person interested in the Instructor Course must follow the application process and have the skills and experience detailed on this page

For any question or inquiries, please email


1.    We cannot find an OCC instructor course near our area. Can the OCC arrange a course for us?

Yes. The OCC regularly organizes instructor courses for a diversity of groups across Canada. For an instructor course to beviable, the OCC requires a minimum of 4 students. Additionally, the OCC will charge transportation, lodging and logisticalcosts associated with the course. Please contact us to discuss course options and associated costs

2.   An OCC instructor is offering a certification course near our camp. Will this certification be free?    

Licensed OCC instructors are independent contractors. As such they can charge any fees that seem reasonable for their course and the OCC cannot require them to offer a course for free. However, any person eligible for reduced fees will not be charged the administrative and membership fees associated with courses. For example, if an instructor charges 170$ per person for a course, a camp person would only pay 135$ (full price minus OCC fees).

3.    We cannot find a Field Leader course in our area. Can the OCC organize a course for us?

Yes. The OCC regularly organizes courses for a diversity of groups across Canada. However, this course would be taught by licensed independent OCC instructors and as such would incur additional costs (refer to question 2 for more information). Furthermore, if no instructors can be found in your immediate area, additional transportation, lodging and logistical costs associated with the course will be charged.

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