To promote and enable accessible education and recreation in the outdoor environment. 

MAYhem 2016

What is MAYhem?

May is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy nature to its fullest. The land is transitioning from the winter to the full force of summer. We want as many Canadians to make the most of this special time of the year and go outside. 

We invite any Canadian interested in leading a group outdoors to register for MAYhem and organize an activity of your choice (hiking, biking, paddling, etc.). Together, we can show that we can really enjoy time outside and choose our pace to connect to our place.

How Does it Work?

  1. You need to want to lead a group for an outdoor activity. If you are not interested in leading a group, you can either convince one of your friends, or send us an email and we will connect you to the next group leader who volunteers in your area.
  2. Choose a date for your activity and register using the form below. 
  3. Find people to join your group. Group size can vary from you plus one more, all the way to dozens of people. Please make sure that you have the experience to manage a big group if you are inviting a lot of people.
  4. Organize your activity, go outside on your planned day and have a BLAST! 
  5. Report back to us how many people were with you that day.
  6. Send us pictures from that day. Please make sure you have the permission to use these pictures, we will post them online. If in doubt, send us pictures where we don't see faces (just have people turn around, no need to Photoshop).
  7. That's it! Revel in the joy of knowing you did a good job.

You Mentioned Prizes?

YES! The OCC will award three prizes.
  1. 100$ for the leader who organized the biggest group (please send us a picture to confirm numbers).
  2. 75$ for the leader who organized the second biggest group (please send us a picture to confirm numbers).
  3. 100$ will be awarded to a randomly selected group leader. 
These prizes will be sent to the group leader in the form of a MEC gift card. 

What do you Mean Sponsors?

The OCC has for mission to promote and enable accessible recreation and education in the outdoors. This important work impacts all Canadians and requires a significant amount of effort. It also requires money. Since it's inception, 8 years ago, the OCC has done a tremendous amount of progress. However, there is still a lot to do and we need your help to do it. 

MAYhem is a great opportunity to talk about the OCC and get support by getting donations. Thus, we are asking group leaders to set a donation objective for themselves and raise the funds during their activity. Individuals who donate 25$, or more, to the OCC will be eligible for a tax receipt. 

The OCC is serious about promoting partnerships and supporting other organizations. To prove this, 50% of the funds raised by a group leader will go to an organization of their choice. 

Group leaders who wish to raise funds, need to indicate their objective in the registration form and will receive additional information to help them manage this process.

What's Next?

Promote MAYhem in your community, click on the link below to start your registration, be inspired by the wisdom of this dog and just make the most of your time outside!

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