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Calgary Outdoor Literacy Network

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Introduction: The renewal process for Calgary's Sport Policy opens a door for the  outdoor education and activity community to engage with the city to promote non-competitive outdoor activity to a much greater degree than has been possible in the past. A major reason for this opportunity is the change in how the sport community sees sport promotion given the rising acceptance of the Physical Literacy Philosophy. 

A meeting was held at the University of Calgary on July 19th, 2016 to inform invited leaders from the outdoor community of the possibilities and to gauge interest in forming a working group to take advantage of opportunity.

July 19th Meeting

It was agreed to work on a collaborative project to craft a program that would deliver outdoor literacy; to inform the City of Calgary that we were gong to be doing this; and to request a seat at the table for the remainder of the sport policy renewal process.

  • A video of the meeting can be found here: To view/listen start at the 19.45 minute point. To Skip Albi's presentation and listen to the discussion go directly to 1 hr 4 minutes 44.22.
  • Albi has prepared some notes about the discussions which can be seen here: Notes Please note that Albi has used his own words and not quoted directly. For accuracy access video above.
A forum has been set up as a child of this page to assist in group discussions. See here: Forum

Notes for September 27th Meeting can be found here: COLN Meeting Notes Sept 27 2016.docx

Notes for October 25th Meeting can be found here: Oct 25th meeting notes.docx 

Next Meeting: 2nd week of November 

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