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Canadian Outdoor Summit

(Fall 2020 in Gatineau)


The Canadian Outdoor Summit is not just another Conference.  It will be a historic national gathering that you will definitely want to be a part of.  It will still have all the hallmarks of a great conference, but with some significant differences - we intend to collectively set in motion some powerful solutions to some of the greatest challenges in our industry. Together we will build the tools and organizational structures we need to create a voice that will be heard and respected. 

Like any real world summit journey, there will be much that needs to be done in advance to make our "approach" and to do the work of making our ascent so we can "Summit" together.  

The Process:

A Steering Committee has been struck and is defining a grass-roots process that will seek the input of our community through working groups and pre-summit mini-conferences.

The wisdom and insights of our community will create options, ideas, and research that will be drawn together to ensure the Summit Steering Committee achieves its goals. These threads will be drawn together in the Summit. 

Provisional Objectives:

The list of objectives below are our starting point, but we look to our community to help us refine them, generate others as required, and most of all nurture them toward success.  
  1. A Charter and Consensus statements about the nature and value of outdoor activity and education to Canada. This will form the foundation for informing individual Canadians, government, and funding agencies of the value of our work, and the lever we will use to effect policy change.
  2. The critical organizational mass and momentum to sustain the transformative processes we need to see nationally. This legacy of national sector and sub-sector organizations or processes will promote specialized aspects of outdoor education and activity. The targeted ‘sub–sectors’ currently include:
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Post-secondary institutions offering outdoor leadership programs.
  • K-12 education.
  • A national curriculum for outdoor leadership, skills certification, and risk management
  • A robust Indigenous led dialogue between the Indigenous/Inuit/Metis and the non-indigenous community.

Where are we now:

The Steering Committee arose out conversations between the OCC, the Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium, and the Post-Secondary sector. This is very much a working committee. We are working feverishly to get the process off the ground. One this is done we will seek to expand representation on the committee to include broader representation.

We are in the final stages of deciding on the venue.

We have begun the reach out to build a community of committed supporters

How you can help make the Summit a success?:

There is a lot of work to be done. We will need both funding and people who can commit time to work on various projects as volunteers. 

Interested in helping? Click on the  below to find out how

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