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OCC Led Research

Tips and Tricks Guidebook Series

Oftentimes, people are yearning for more information on specific aspects of outdoor leadership. The guidebook below is meant to be used in conjunction with the knowledge acquired through a Field Leader course. 

Leading When Participants Express Difficult Behaviors.pdf

    Canadian Outdoor Summit Fall 2020 Interim report

    This report presents the trends and challenges present within the national outdoor community at the mid-point of the Canadian Outdoor Summit project. The information present in this report was compiled in the fall of 2020. Final redaction was completed in March 2021. 

    Canadian Outdoor Summit Interim Report.pdf

    Rethinking Physical Activity Promotion

    The Importance of Non-Sport Outdoor Activity.pdf

    Integrated Model for the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Nature and Adventure Based Interventions

    This chart, created by Christian Mercure at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, is intended to help outdoor program managers ensure they have considered all important aspects in their program design. The OCC does not officially endorse the information found within this document. They are provided for your information only. 

    MIEIE-PINA-CM-UQAC-2018 (version française)

      Outdoor Education Resources

      These external resources provide information about ideas lesson plans, projects and strategies for outdoor education in schools.

      Documents Shared by Strathcona Tweedsmuir School

      STS is a private Gr. 1-12 school in Alberta. Outdoor Education is an important component of their program. STS has graciously offered to share their trip planning card, risk management presentation and outdoor manual below. For more information on STS, please visit their website.   We are aware that the links in this section are broken and are working to have that fixed. If you would like these resources please contact

      Visit STS

      Documents Shared by Canadian Rockies Public School Board

      CRPS includes 6 schools and one Outdoor Learning Center. CRPS has graciously offered to share the template they use for their emergency contact information sheet. They have requested that Bernie Woods is acknowledged for his help in developing this template.   Visit CRPS

      Documents Shared by the Certificate in Outdoor Education at St. Francis Xavier University

      The Certificate in Outdoor Education (COE) is a program for teachers of Outdoor Education designed to enhance both skill development and teaching strategies associated with the delivery of these modules of the Public School Program. The COE program has generously shared a plethora of templates that they use for a wide variety of outings.  We are aware that the links in this section are broken and are working to have that fixed. If you would like these resources please contact

        Visit COE

        Food Templates

        St FX. 4 Day Menu

      Documents for the Canadian Outdoor Summit

      The OCC is the proud promoter of the Canadian Outdoor Summit ( The documents for the Summit are hosted on our website as the Summit website does not have hosting capacity.

      Develop a consensus statement about the value of Led Outdoor Activity in Canada.

      Benefits of LOA Statement

      Benefits of LOA Word-Cloud

      Repository of Supporting Materials

      Synthesize accepted practices, structures, and systems related to running an outdoor program in Canada.

      Workgroup 2 Final Doc August 23, 2021.pdf

      Create a national framework of competency training for outdoor leaders. 

      WG3 Summary Document (Sept 10 2021 - Final).pdf

      Support the development of learning outside in k-12 institutions. 

      Support the development of learning outside in k-12 institutions.pdf

      Support Factors and Barriers for Outdoor Learning in Elementary Schools A Systemic Perspective.pdf

      Indigenous perspectives on Led Outdoor Activity.

      No supporting documents have been created for this Summit objective at this time. 

      Promote greater access to the outdoors for individuals with differing mobility.

      Approaches to Creating Inclusive Events and Outdoor Programs.pdf

      Increase capacity for inclusion for 2SLGBTQ2 in outdoor programs.

      Inclusiveness in the Outdoor Sector.pdf

      Design an Anti-racism plan for the national outdoor community.

      Working Document

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