To promote and enable outdoor education and activity

NOI In Alberta

One strategy that will help us achieve the goals of the National Outdoor Initiative will be to pursue local initiatives.  The OCC is working on three projects in this regard:

  1. In partnership with the City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education, and 6 sports organisations we are part of pilot project to make physical activity more accessible to children and youth through a 'Community Sport Hub'. More information can be found Here
  2. Since the current Alberta Government is reviewing many policies and is actively seeking input from interested stakeholders this is an opportune time to present that case for outdoor education and activity. One critically important piece of research that is missing is the economic case for outdoor activity. We will fill that gap with a study to be published early in April.
  3. We are working toward securing funding to provide comprehensive support to the many non-profit organizations that provide outdoor activity opportunities for Albertans. We hope to make a more complete announcement in April.

NOI (Alberta) Members:

The following organizations are supporting the project through their membership fees:
Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
Calgary Arts Academy
Company of Adventurers
Outdoor Centre (UofC)
Mount Royal University
Norseman Outdoor Specialist
Paddle Alberta
Prospect Human Services
Strathcona High School
YMCA Calgary

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