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Benefits of the Field Leader Program

 For Graduates it:

  • Offers certifications that demonstrate your competency to lead trips in a diversity of activities.
  • Helps you get the work opportunities you want.
  • Ensure your program is managed according to industry standards. 
  • Helps you map, develop, and accelerate your career.

For Organizations it:

  • Streamlines and strengthens your risk management processes.
  • Improves program quality.
  • Lowers your training costs.
  • Assists in the recruitment of qualified staff.
  • Assists in satisfying land managers and other stakeholders that your programs are managed appropriately.
  • Helps you reduce the chance of suffering a serious accident.

For the outdoor community it:

  • Helps us reverse the decline in the resources available for outdoor education and recreation.
  • Helps us improve our access to natural environments.
  • Strengthens our industry by connecting all the many organizations that offer outdoor programming.
  • Helps our voice be heard across the country. 

And Equally Important

By increasing the quantity and improving the  quality of outdoor experiences across the country, we are building the foundation for a national commitment to a healthy and respectful relationship with nature. Each time a person has a positive experience outside, their connection to the environment deepens. Bringing more people outside can benefit the environment, our health and our Canadian identity. 

Outdoor Active School Initiative

The OCC is developing a comprehensive program for schools enabling them to improve program quality through Field Leader training and support in implementing best practices. 

OCC for Schools

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