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Our Staff

Albi Sole, Founder

Albi Sole has been guiding since 1979 with eighteen of  those years spent at the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre programming avalanche awareness, ski touring and climbing courses for the public. Albi has an extensive resume including: writing the world's first waterfall ice climbing guide, first climbing ascents in Europe, North and  South America, and the Himalaya. Albi worked as a heli-ski guide for 13 years, guided groups to Aconcagua, Huascaran, and Denali, led two expeditions to  the Himalaya, and participated in lightweight sieges of the West Ridge of Makalu and first ascent of the West Ridge of Everest from Tibet. In 2008 Albi completed an MSc. researching risk taking in avalanche terrain and in the same year helped found the Outdoor Council of Canada. Albi lives in Calgary and is married with three children aged 25-31

Franz Plangger, Executive Director

Franz's life path changed significantly upon participating in an outdoor expedition in 2001. Ever since then, he has been passionate about sharing the beauty of natural environments and the power of finding one's own potential. Franz completed a Bachelor's of Outdoor and Adventure Tourism in the beautifully scenic Saguenay/Lac Saint Jean region of Quebec and a Masters of Education, Leadership studies in the historical Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. He has spent more than a decade leading experiential education programs with organizations such as Outward Bound, NOLS, Class Afloat and Enviros Wilderness School. His journeys exposed him to many different environments, where he felt the power of the howling wind, saw rainbows painted on mountain sides, understood the lifesaving power of words and heard stories carried from generation to generation.

Kate Hamilton, Outdoor Activity Club Program Director

Kate is an outdoor enthusiast, engaging in many different outdoor adventures and prioritizing getting out to the mountains with her dog, and whomever else she can entice to come with her.

Kate went into outdoor guiding in 2010 after testing the waters and realizing that being outside was most important and enjoyable to her, moving, and teaching. She has been a sea kayak guide, guided backpacking trips, instructed snowboarding, and spent many years in outdoor camp leadership and as an outdoor leadership facilitator developing and teaching outdoor and fitness activities with a focus in mindfulness. Kate is also a mindfulness practices facilitator and yoga instructor with a special interest in back health, and yoga for outdoor sports such as hiking, biking, and paddling.

Kate’s passion is to help people become more active and to spend more time in the outdoors with purpose of health, both mentally and physically. Although Kate is not a teacher in a classical sense, she is an educator and life long learner, finding great satisfaction in leading outdoor activities and facilitating connection within people, between people, and with nature.

Loving most things active (pass on indoor swimming and volleyball) and all things outdoors, Kate’s spare time is spent on the move and usually outside. If Kate was forced into choosing one sport - on top of the mountain peaks is where she would be!

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