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  • June 9-11, 13 - Camp Caroline - Leadership Level 1 (Hiking and Paddling)

June 9-11, 13 - Camp Caroline - Leadership Level 1 (Hiking and Paddling)

  • 09 Jun 2013
  • 9:00 AM (MDT)
  • 11 Jun 2013
  • 5:00 PM (MDT)
  • Caroline, AB
  • 23


  • Registration type available only to those who qualify via the Camp Leadership Training Program.
  • Please contact the instructor of this course for details on course fees and payment.

Registration is closed
Outdoor Leadership Level 1 (Hiking)
Successful graduates will be certified as OCC 'Leadership Level 1 (LL1)' with a 'Level 1 Hiking' and/or 'Paddling' specialization.

This course is suitable for anyone wanting the LL1 (Hiking) certification, or planning to become an instructor of this course.

Course fee, to be paid to your instructor, includes; instruction, student manual, and one year's membership fee to the Outdoor Council of Canada.

Course Content:

The course will be split between in-class learning (65%) and field exercises (35%). The learning format will be primarily guided experiential learning. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the role of the leader and leadership style
  • Integrating ‘activity’ ‘participant’ and ‘venue’ characteristics so as to promote even quality and safety
  • Constructing an activity plan
  • Identifying hazards and mitigation strategies
  • Communication and team building between participants, co-leaders and other stakeholders
  • Group management in the field
  • Enhancing situational awareness for quality and safety management
  • Emergency response
  • Post trip debriefing and facilitation
Prerequisites: The only prerequisite for this course is a love of the outdoors and a passion to share that experience with others.

If you are taking this as a LL1 (Paddling) you will need to have a flat water certification to activate the certification. This can be completed later.

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