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Revised July 29, 2020

The OCC believes:

  • Children and youth are best served by returning to school full-time, except where student or family health vulnerabilities require otherwise, or a local outbreak requires school-closure.
  • Moving a large portion of K -12 class time outside is the optimal way to ensure quality full-time education while properly protecting staff, students, families and the community from COVID-19 infection.

The Primary Purpose of this site is to assist Administrators and Staff, regardless of prior experience with outdoor learning, to develop safe and high-quality learning classrooms in an outdoor setting.

The Secondary Purpose of this site is to provide links to a wide variety of ideas, documents, websites, etc. to help educators enrich their delivery by exploiting the health and educational possibilities that outdoor education offers.

Resource Page for Administrators:  Contains ideas to assist you to:

  • Build a robust plan to create a safe and high-quality learning classroom
  • Assist your staff, students and families to prepare for a successful experience

Resources for Administrators, Teachers, and Communitywith links to many resources relating to teaching outdoors:

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